Eating for Happiness Workshop

“What a great class and what an inspiration you are. I’m motivated to make more things myself… You just really need someone like you to come along and remind us, and show us, how easy this stuff is. Loved everything you prepared and will be impressing my kids with these wonderful goodies. The information was enlightening, there’s so much we can do to help ourselves be healthier, thank you for opening my eyes and inspiring me to do even better.” – Doreen





One-on-One Client Consultation and Wellness Plan

“Because I have learned that you cannot out exercise your bad diet, I tried Positively Wholesome upon recommendation from a friend.  It was exactly what I needed to get off the destructive sugar train I was on. When you begin this program, you will quickly learn what true energy is.  Your stomach will start to feel less bloated and you as a whole will feel better.  I still have my cheat day, although sometimes now I don’t want the processed or sugary items I used to go to regularly.  I actually have gotten my teenage son to crave more healthier options! If you want to naturally change your eating habits, give this a try.”

– Michelle