How a Diagnosis of Colon Cancer Changed My Life (for the better)

I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people alive. That may seem like a ridiculous statement considering that in 2015 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer, but I stand firm by my statement. I. Am. Lucky. Lucky to be on the other side of that round of cancer, to be here with my family, and to have been hit with a huge dose of reality that has changed my life for the better. At the time, I had no idea that positivity, happiness and food would play such a large part in my road to health.


5 Things I Learned as I Climbed My Way Back to Health


I am stronger than I ever knew

I had one option and that was to kick cancer to the curb forever. As the surgeries came and went and the treatments got harder I refused to do anything less than dig in and stay strong. I focused on staying positive. My only option is 100% success.



What is truly important in life

What puts a smile on your face every day and feeds your soul? That is where good health comes from. Happy heart, healthy body. For me it is my family and my health. With these two things I can do anything. When I discovered culinary nutrition I knew I had found something that made me happy and a gave me a new purpose that would keep me moving forward in life. Now I need to share this passion!


Stress is not our friend

I was a grade 8 teacher for almost 20 years when I was hit with cancer. My life revolved around rushing around, and trying to make everyone happy. What I didn’t know was that increased levels of stress are linked to the development of cancer. In exploring food as a healing part of my health I discovered that certain foods help us when we are feeling stressed. Keeping stress at bay and eating foods that help reduce stress has been a huge life lesson and a major part of my healing.


Food is not a focus in conventional medicine

This was a significant a-ha moment for me. When I got sick I thought for sure that the doctors and nurses would tell me what to eat to manage my health. Nope. I was told to eat whatever I could get into my body; it didn’t matter what it was. That was truly shocking to me. That was when I began to wonder what role food plays in healing. I needed to know more.


Food can heal us and make us stronger

What I have learned is that food builds health. We can be our best healthiest self when we take care of our bodies and fill ourselves with nutritious whole foods. Culinary nutrition has opened up a whole new world for me and there is no going back!