Cindy and Kathryn are coming together to bring you a 25 hour training course that will introduce you to the basics of yoga and allow you to walk away with a certificate in the Fundamentals of Yoga.
Included in this course are an introduction to key asanas, transitioning safely from one asana to another, breath work, and meditation. This course is great for those looking to develop their skills, deepen their practise, and learn more about yoga. It is a perfect introduction to what you will experience when you register for our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training coming this November.
What you will receive:
  • 25  hours of yoga education
  • Handouts to support your learning
  • Application of the basic poses that you can use in your practice
  • Safe transitional techniques during your practice
  • An introduction to breathing techniques
  • An introduction to meditation
  • The basic principles of class design
  • Confidence to grow in your practice and to develop your skills
Your investment in your yoga education:
$410.00 including tax
Dates and Times:
Tuesday, September 17          12pm-4pm
Wednesday, September 18    8am-5pm
Friday, September 20             9am-8pm