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Welcome to Thrive Nutrition and Yoga

Sometimes life can be a bit overwhelming, can’t it?

When we become overwhelmed and feelings of stress start to creep in it can be challenging to know how to manage our everyday life. In fact, when we have lived in a state of stress for a long time we may not even know that our body is carrying and holding on to stress. Little messages like poor digestion, chronic headaches, and tension in the body can be trying to tell us that we need to address our stress.
Stress can also impact our emotional health. Feelings of sadness, the inability to let feelings pass, being stuck, and feeling overwhelmed can lead to bigger health and wellness issues.
That is where we come in
Thrive Nutrition and Yoga was born out of my personal experience of with living with chronic stress and the toll it took on my health. My journey to recovery and creating a new and healthier version of myself has helped me to realize that there are others living in the same types of situations.
My hope for you
I want you to be your healthiest version of yourself. I want to share with you ways to reduce stress in your life through healthy eating, and discovering the calming and healing practice of yoga and meditation.
Exploring healthy eating practices that strengthen the body and the immune system allow you to open your kitchen up to play and explore the joy of whole foods and the health building opportunities that exist in your body.
Yoga and meditation are an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and find calm in your body, mind, and spirit.
If you are ready, we are too!
If you are feeling like your health and your life are not where you want them to be but you just don’t know what to do we are here to help. If you are looking to change your lifestyle by bringing healthy eating habits into your life we offer personalized lifestyle enhancing packages that meet you where you are, culinary nutrition workshops to share with you the health building properties of food and how to prepare delicious and easy recipes, and personalized meal plans to take the stress out of “what’s for dinner?”
If you are seeking time for yourself and for healing on the yoga mat, we do that too. Yoga allows the body and the breath to come together to create mental clarity and calmness; increase body awareness; relieve chronic stress patterns; relax the mind; centre the attention; and sharpen concentration. From personalized or couples yoga lessons, group yoga flow classes, private restorative yoga sessions, and guided meditations, we can help you to find the calm you are seeking in your life.

Nourish Inspire and Grow With Us

We recognize that change can be challenging. We are here for you.

Kind Words

" I met with Kathryn August 2019. I was 89 pounds. Post radiation. Post chemotherapy. Post a lot of things! Life was an epic mess and I was in a lot of pain. I could not digest food properly and my whole system was shot. There were many key players that participated in my journey of healing and this sweet soul is one of them! Her knowledge and personal experience and well earned victory with her own journey with cancer was and is an invaluable resource. The body truly has been created to heal itself given the PROPER tools. This part of my journey included a change in diet! It has made all the difference. Now when I “cheat” I know exactly what choice I am making and how it is impacting my body - lol - the cheats are only hurting me and so they are coming few and far between. In any case - the time that Kathryn took to meet with me and prepare and properly follow up in a personal AND professional manner speaks volumes of her character. You will not be disappointed ( if you do the work! ) Empowering! INVEST in THIS. Money and time spent on advocating for your own health and wellness is NEVER wasted. Empower yourself to thrive and not just barely survive. Good food is a healer!"
Cancer Survivor